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Business Development Planners provides advisory and technical services that businesses need in today’s market—developing process, application analysis, styling and marketing strategy for your company. We are meticulous about the presentation of your products or services; and we understand how important the internet is to the top and bottom line of your business. Our goal is not to simply create a website or an app. We want to carve a business platform that is completely unique, improves your work flow processes, reduces paperwork, appeals to your target audience, and becomes the foundation for an expedited growth.

Services Provided

Below is a list of the software programming that we provide.

• Adobe Photoshop Services
• Adobe Illustrator Services
• Android Development (Google)
• Animation
• Art Direction
• Branding
• C Programming
• C# Programming
• C++ Programming
• Content Marketing
• Corporate Presentations
• CSS Website Style Sheets
• Database Optimization
• Devops
• Electrical Engineering
• Embedded Development
• Facebook API
• Front-end Markup (HTML, CSS)
• Google App Engines
• Google Calendar API
• Google Maps API
• Google Glass SDK
• Hardware Design
• Illustrations
• iOS
• Java
• Javascript
• Joomla Development and Customization
• jQuery
• Linux
• Logo Design
• Microcontroller Programming
• Mobile Design
• Network Procedures
• Perl
• Photography
• Photoshop
• PHP Programming
• Pre-PCI compliance Assessment
• Print Design
• Product Strategy
• Security
• Shopping Cart Customization
• SysAdmin
• Technical Writing
• Twitter API
• User Experience/Interface Design (UX/UI)
• Video Production
• Vulnerability Assessment
• Web Design
• Web Development
• WordPress Customization

Contact Information:
Robert Bolthouse
Phone: 734-231-1932
Email: Sales@BusDevPlanners.com
Business Development Planners is a Michigan Based Company.

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