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Every business, company and organization has a Gizmo, product or service that they are actively promoting. These Gizmos represent a lifetime of efforts and dollars to build a brand. The artistry or media that represents the gizmo must be appealing and remember-able to the target audience. The dream and envy of every marketing specialist is to capture the attention of customers for that new Mega-Gizmo. Artistry is the key to that dream.

The “Art-Gizmo Pow!” banner on this page will stick with you for a while, and that is what Business Development Planners is attempting to do. This week, between mail, newspapers and magazines, our company was inundated by over 1,156 specific ads. WOW … I only remember four or five ads because they looked cool. I took action on one. It was a national clothing store that I had to go to, and my wife remembered that she had a 30% off card that she received in the mail.

Want your Gizmo advertising to stand out, then employ us. Our process starts with understanding your company’s products or services (The Gizmo), customers, competition and past marketing successes. We develop a white board of evolutionary imagery that best fits your company. We run sample tests in a market to involve customer feedback. We look at the best methods to get your Art-Gizmo-Pow ad in front of customers.  We finish our efforts with a product that meet today’s target market.

Business Development Planners does think differently and out-of-the-box to layout artistry that can express your relationships to your customer(s) and community. This imagery can include activities in building brochures, business cards, flyers, banners, mailers and web-based tile ads. We can transform this imagery to shirts, hats and clothing for manufacturing with embroidery, screen printing and patches, with our valued partners.

Call us today to start your step forward in excellence in media marketing.

Business Development Planners Artistry Services
Bike Tour Vacation Logo
New logo created for Bike Tour Vacations that incorporated a circular shape for wheels and a star for the upscale services they provide.
Business Development Planners Artistry Services100 Mile Bike Trip
Bike Tour Vacations’ side bar logo on a bike shirt.
enginepicSignage for Team Energy Solutions
Signage created for a company involved with solar panels.
Bike Tour Vacations Artistry
Logo on Lug Nut
Toying with an idea to make plated steel background sections with four nuts to hold the plates to the website background.
Montrose Orchards ArtistryAdvertisement for a Website
This ad was placed on a coupon advertisement website to sell their dinner specials. This was part of the header for the ad.
Just Local Ads Artistry
Logo for Just Local Ads
This is a coupon website.
7 Day Icon
Count Down Timer
This timer was created for a coupon website to flash in front of the coupon and tick-down every day until it reached zero.
mastercraft industries
Ad placed in local coupon book
Created and placed ad in local Brighton coupon book.
NSGDeals Logo
Logo for a local coupon company.  The logo, website and mobile app were built for Apple and Android devices.
App Photo
Image showing mobile app
Image created with coupon mobile app in hand.
Animated Gear Image
Rotary Graphic
Rotary graphic logo for an online toy shop.
originalsHistoric Tractor Signage
The company Skip’s Repair desired this graphic (based on an old poster) to be created/restored and included on their website.
Pizza Island Coupon
Coupon for website and print
Logo For Divine Doors & Trim
Website and logo for this company’s high-quality doors and trim with a highlighted cross in the middle of the door.
Logo for TEK Shopper
This company sells used and refurbished computer equipment.
suit with green hank
Tailoring Unlimited
Part of a photo shoot to display their men’s clothing on their website.
Next Button image
Wood-Like Button
Created a wood-like button for Custom Mill Works.
MP3 player screen
Website MP3 Player Front
Created the front side and black aluminum buttons for a tool to select talks, lessons and music for a church website.
repeating gearsBackground Image For Thinking Toy Website
Created a background group of gears for the background image for a toy store that sells smart toys that make kids think.
Custom Tool Box
MasterCraft Industries requested a tool box graphic representing their skills, so we purchased the box and made the signage on the front of the tool box.
Green Products Imagecrop Logomodern concrete3Updated Logo with new Green Product Logo
Created a 50-year seal for all of their media.
Mill Pond Banner LogoBanner for Animal Hospital
This is a simple 8-foot banner created for a booth at a pet event.
VanGuard Painting And Wall Cover Graphics
Logo and Web Banner
Created for a custom painting company
ready for pickup
Mobile Restaurant App
Credit Card Processor wanted a mockup and process for a mobile app that would work for pick-up orders and in-restaurant orders. The restaurant customer’s phone would be used and the system would detect if they are in the restaurant or outside doing a pick-up order.  This is a graphical wire frame (1 of 20 views is shown).
anacelias couponCoupon for Local Media
Special Coupon Design
Pizza Deal
Pizza Coupon
shamrock website
Character Image for Company
This character image represents the company and the products for Shamrock Deals.

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