Business Development

Grow your Business with Integrated Departments and Software

Business Development Planners provides outside advisory and consulting services, from a real-world perspective, for growing your top and bottom lines.

We help small businesses think through issues and improve process and flow for both people and data management.  We address anything from new control policies to improvements in technology that will either automate or lock in a process.

Business Development Planners’ approach to improve operations has always been to start at the ground floor, reviewing and understanding the processes in place. We will work up the chain to understand the mechanisms that hinder or enhance your organization and then build a product or service that best fits your company. We report the issues with solid solutions to improve throughput.

Business Development Planners will work with your management team to review possible process improvements to determine adequate controls and functional limits for your operations. These controls can monitor and report any ineffective or runaway processes. We can turn those daily, weekly and monthly paper reports into instant dashboards that will appear on your desktop, website and mobile devices.

Developing Process Maps

Business Development Process

Teaming with Sales, we can work in the field to look at processes and techniques to better coordinate new potentials into solid sales. From your website, we can feed leads directly to the correct salesperson by skill set, territory and relationships. We can integrate solid technologies that permit sales staff to produce more accurate quotes which can feed into warehouse inventory and management systems. Our goal is to create the ability to produce rapid and improved quotations, better projection processes, and accurate feedback–all through a web browser or mobile app.

Today there are many simple Apps on Google Play and the App Store that you can download that only perform a subset for your total business. Business Development Planners can find the right app for your organization, or we can develop an app that is custom and adaptive to your needs. Check out our mobile applications page if you are interested in a custom app for your business.

In today’s competitive environment your organization needs to communicate effectively with processes that must be specific.  The software layer must complement the business policies, and the Applications must be simple to use. This includes software on your server, workstations and mobile devices used by a diverse set of skill sets.

Business Development Planners will integrate your custom software or website into Oracle, Microsoft Products, QuickBooks, salesforce and CRMs. This can include connecting your applications together or developing with API’s and SDK’s, providing live communication within your operations.


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