Starting a Business

Starting a Business

Solutions for Starting a Business

If you are thinking about starting a business and you’re looking for some guidance, Business Development Planners can help with advisory services that could put you and your company on the map to success.

Vision – Planning – Implementation

Every day, thousands and thousands of people have great ideas for new products or services. These dreams of cashing in an idea for wealth are, 99% of the time, either bad ideas that never become real or great ideas without a solid business plan. Take for example the levitating platforms or walking animated giant spider from the cool animated cartoon “Johnny Quest.”  These ideas are just ideas with little value, but the real money is taking the dream from concept to the marketplace into millions of homes.  Business Development Planners believes that every home should have a levitating car like the Jetsons. We just need the right entrepreneur, designers and funds to build it. Maybe your idea is not a NASA-level floating car, but it may seem like it is, and you may want a little help with putting your idea on paper.  We can help with that!

Business Development Planners will start by putting together a mini business plan. With a half to full day interview we can create estimations for customers, competitors, product/service pricing, start-up costs, staff, risks and assets. Once complete, we will look at gaps in the plan and determine next steps.

New Business Planning

If the preliminary numbers are positive, we can continue and create a comprehensive business plan. This includes Profit and Loss projections that you could use for gathering investors or loans. The goal is to pick out all negatives and holes in the plan and find the solutions, so you and your investors have 110% confidence in what you’re doing. Starting a business can be tough, and having the funding right off the bat is important.

We can help with fieldwork by studying competitors and other systems to build the estimated, potential sales in your market. We can review this by county, state or nationwide. Knowing the total market for a product is important when starting a business. It is important to understand the market that you are attempting to capture.

Business Development Planners can help with processes, procedures and policies for your company. Below is a list of some activities that we can do to minimize the time involved in starting a business:

  • IT processes and procedures
  • IT department setup and server operations
  • Development procedures
  • Shipping and receiving processes
  • Testing procedures
  • Workplace work instructions

Of course, the following must be completed:

      1. Company name
      2. Decide on the legal structure of your business
        a. Cooperative
        b. Nonprofit
        c. S Corporation
        d. Corporation
        e. Limited Liability Company (LLC)
        f. Partnership
        g. Sole Proprietorship
      3. Determine a business location
      4. Register the business name with the government
      5. Get a tax identification number
      6. Register for state taxes
      7. Obtain Business License and Permits
business Infrastructure

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Business Infrastructure

When it comes to implementing a communications and data structure for your company, Business Development Planners can help with every aspect by selecting and implementing hardware, software and security. Hardware can include Servers, Phones, Workstations Mobile Devices and Networks.

We can select software that best fits your organization. We can integrate software pieces together to build an integrated process and we can create custom software processes for special services. We specialize in mobile device operations for small and large organizations.

We can put your company on the map with websites and marketing management so you can focus on the overall company.

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