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Business Development Planners Secure Cloud Services

Cloud-Based Data Management

Business Development Planners provides secure cloud services and cloud-based applications. These applications can be used to automatically back up data from devices or upload specific data, documents or images to a secure directory.

We can provide an integrated, cloud-based directory to push or retrieve data as if it were stored on your local machine.  The devices you use every day–your computer, smart phone or tablet–can access the files, as long as they have internet connection. The app securely transfers and organizes the files automatically, saving you the extra time.

Among cloud services, not many can match our innovative photo management system. Users can take hundreds of photos in the field and automatically upload the results to their specific job folders.  This seamless integration makes field service documentation simple and efficient.  Let the technology deal with the paperwork so your work force can focus on the customer. Isn’t that what technology is supposed to do?!

Example: Cloud Storage Process from a Mobile App Device

  • Item #1 Stores Data that belongs to a Customer Master. In this example there are three J.Blog jobs stored under BDP Construction, which is the master.
  • Item #2 J.Blog’s job data is identified by street address and Job Number (J# 26). Clicking on the folder icon will expand and show all of its files and sub-folders, just like a regular file directory.
  • Item #3 One of J.Blog’s jobs was marked as a “Dead” Job; its files are still visible on the directory for historical purposes.
  • Item #4 This Job is a Quotation that was created by the sales force. The quote number, “Q#45,” is shown in place of a job number.
  • Item #5 The user clicked on the first “Carson C” job to view the contents. These can include Proposal Revs, Invoices and Signed Contracts uploaded by the mobile app, and any items that were manually uploaded by the user.
  • Item #6 The Signed Contract was uploaded on Jun 10. REV# shows which revision it was uploaded with, so when viewing the revision history, you will know which one is the signed contract.
  • Item #7 A list of all the photos on the mobile app that belong to that job. All images are uploaded whether they are included in the proposal or not.
  • Item #8 A data collection sheet of all items selected on the tablet. On this page you can also select to view each revision individually to view historical data.
  • Item #9 A Job Sheet that includes a full materials list for the specific job or quotation.

This a working system that is primarily used for the trades, but this system could we re-organized for laboratory, manufacturing or other services that need device managed active storage.

Directory Cloud Services

Other Cloud services

  • Hosted Services Development and/or Management – Providing world class setup, service and management from shared to dedicated hosting.   This could be for a public website or back end corporate websites and services.
  • Cloud Services Development and/or Management – Providing your organization with all the tools and systems to create and use secure file transfer from company devices. We provide cloud services with integrated user access rights.  We provide the tools to securely transfer files to your device from anywhere in the world. With the push of a button, pull projects, files, data and much more on the fly when you need it.
  • Utilize Mobile Technology  – We can provide mobile apps which can communicate directly with your cloud system to organize and direct your files to their proper destination.
  • Third Party Testing and Infiltration Testing – Providing cloud based application testing for cracks or leaks that could permit total infrastructure failure that could cause a lose of data and paperwork.
          1. Website and cloud monitoring systems setup and reporting with

    Mcafee’s Cloud Security tools.

        2. On-site evaluation of policies and security.
        3. On-site and remote evaluation of in-house developed or third party purchased applications.

Call us today to engage us in your cloud based application designs, installations, security monitoring and more.

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