Mobile App Development

Today’s mobile devices are packed with many features that have amazing potential in the business world. Unfortunately most of the apps out there are focused on the consumer, from entertaining games to nifty utility apps. There really isn’t much focus put into mobile app development for businesses. That is where we come in.

Business Development Planners is committed to providing business solutions through mobile app development. You may be able to find a handful of apps out there that you can use for your company, but they most likely do not interact with each other at all. Plus constantly switching between apps can add up to a lot of wasted time. Our mobile app development team can look at apps you like, and ideas you would like to see in an app, and put them together into a single app that is perfect for your company. Some of the things an app may help with include product or customer management, data collection and/or analysis, sales and marketing, automatic calculations,  etc.. Our mobile app development team can write apps for both Android and iPhone or iPad.

iPhone app development

Standalone Apps

Most of the apps you will find in Google Play or the App Store are standalone apps. These are apps that are fully functional on their own and do not rely on another program or website for content. A simple calculator or camera app are great examples. You can calculate loan payments or taxes just by putting numbers in and then getting numbers out. If it is simple enough it can save you time, however if doing these calculations is an integral part of your business you may want something more advanced.

business mobile app development

Integrated Apps

A more advanced app is one that integrates with your website or database. Using the previous example of calculating loan payments, if you need to calculate these payments and store them with each of your customers in a database, having an app that handles all of that automatically is worth the investment. We can design an app that can directly manage data in a remote database or download content from a database, change or modify that content (with or without internet connection), and then upload it back to the database. All of your content is accessible anywhere you have internet access, and having it all in one place removes the need for entering the same data multiple times in multiple places.

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Whether you want a standalone app or a more advanced app, there are many features we can provide to you. We have the ability to create pdfs, use the camera to take videos or photos, access files on the device, send push notifications to all app users, or allow the use of other apps. One example of some of the things we can do is an app we designed called JobFLEX. This app allows the user to manages customers, take pictures, build a quote or proposal, create a pdf and then email it to the customer. Then you can click on the pdf and a list of other apps that work with pdfs pops up. From here you can print, view, or even sign the pdf. The possibilities are endless and as technology grows so can your business. Let Business Development Planners help you put your business practice in a secure, smart system with mobile app development.

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