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A perfect fit for any contractor providing energy audits, efficiency certifications, or home performance solutions: energy auditors, Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified contractors and whole-house specialists.

The AuditFLEX Mobile Home Energy Software uses the Michigan Energy Measure Database (MEMD) to calculate the potential energy savings for a home, from the selected services to be performed in the home. A good example of an improvement measure would be to replace an old, incandescent, 100-watt bulb with a new Fluorescent Light Bulb (CFL).  When you enter the change into the mobile app, it will provide the energy savings in kilowatts and annual dollars.  The mobile app provides a simplistic method to calculate the complex process of home energy savings.  The app can handle over 200,000 energy saving items (Energy Measures) covering: Lighting, HVAC, Geo-Thermal, Appliances, Insulation, Water Heaters, Windows and more.

The mobile app and dashboard were created for Building Science Energy Services to manage a large home energy improvement program for over 500 Michigan homes for one of the largest utility companies in Eastern Michigan. The mobile app was used to conduct the in-home assessment without the need for WiFi; and the website/cloud had a function to supervise audits performed by multiple independent home performance contractors for process and quality.  All data collected pertaining to the number of homes, efforts, quote volume, sales, rebate projections and implemented energy savings was maintained on a dashboard for the utility company to review.  The system produces many standard reports and custom reports.


The Michigan Energy Measure Database (MEMD) contains measured improvement values that are based on Michigan’s climate and specific building construction–Commercial, Residential and Multi-family use. The database itself contains thousands and thousands of data points that can be easily quantified to calculate energy savings on the mobile app.

The AuditFLEX software allows the user to perform the home audit in a fraction of the time, as compared to a typical energy audit.  This is a huge savings.

The AuditFLEX process and systems can be adapted to any State or Federal Energy Measure Database (EMD). This system can handle EMDs with over 200,000 rows of data. The process in drilling down to the correct Measure can be as simple as selecting from three to four drop-down combination boxes.

The software system for measuring Pre and Post home audit follows the BPI processes in gathering the home’s size, age, conditions, air sealing, blower door performance and more. The process is quick and intuitive for any trained and licensed home performance auditor.

You can also collect pre and post blower door information, air seal and carbon monoxide (CO) data in the home.

Each independent contractor in the system can set their own material list pricing for their own non-energy services and energy measure services. So, as you build the quote and make your recommended improvements to the home, the auditor is also providing energy savings in dollars.

On the app, there is a customer survey tool that can be used to quantify future business opportunities.

Customize the look of your quotation with your own logo, address, motto and detailed terms and conditions that can include a signature section that allows you to capture your customer signature approval right on the tablet.

This audit and quotation software permits the auditor to create a quotation with three different pricing packages.

This system was specifically designed to increase your auditing/sales staff efficiency by producing more quotes than ever before.  Your team can work anywhere and in any building with this self-sufficient mobile app.

The system works on any Android 4.0 or greater operating system.

If you are thinking about using a mobile app for your company then click here to read more about AuditFLEX.

The great thing about this Energy Auditing Application is that whether you have a large energy program or a single independent auditor the tool is perfectly suited for BPI-based audits.

The video below provides more information about AuditFLEX and its cloud-based systems.

All of the products, services and application development comes from the specialists at Business Development Planners. If you are looking for critical mobile Auditing or Laboratory app solutions for your company, call us today!

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