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NSGDeals – Mobile App for Local Prizes and Deals

NSGDeals is an app we developed as partnership in Neighborhood Shopping Guide to distribute prizes and deals to users. Neighborhood Shopping Guide works with local merchants to provide deals which are made available to everyone in that area who downloads the free NSGDeals App. It is available in both Google Play and the App Store, so it doesn’t matter if you are using an iPhone or an Android, you can participate in the daily rub-off prize giveaway.

The daily Rub-off prize is what makes NSGDeals unique compared to other coupon/deal apps. Each day users get a random prize in a Rub-off activity. These prizes can range from regular deals, to great giveaways including cash prizes or vacation packages. There are two types of prizes, limited and unlimited. We designed a method to rate the limited prizes based on their availability, and then distribute those prizes as evenly as we could while still maintaining the randomness of a prize giveaway. If by chance the user does not win one of the limited prizes, then they will be given one of the unlimited prizes, each of which are given equal probability of being won. The script also takes into account what has already been won, and adjusts itself automatically. If a company wants to only give away 10 prizes, the prize will stop being distributed once 10 have been given away. The script will try to give away as many of the prizes as possible, but because it is ultimately a decision of chance, not all prizes may be given away by the time they should.

The NSGDeals app was designed to help local businesses. Users who download the app must select their location from a list of locations that currently have deals. They user will see deals and companies in their area and can change that location at any time in the settings section. This makes the app much more local, since companies are not competing with other companies from all over the country. There is no new competition for companies, just a new playing field.

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