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JobFLEX Mobile App – Built by Contractors for Contractors

JobFLEX is a mobile business app that provides a robust quotation system for your sales force with the capabilities to produce in-field quotations with zero internet and little typing in front of the customer. Build your pricing by selecting one to three simple drop-downs to list detailed products and services on your quotation.

The materials list is easy to configure in a matter of minutes.  Many different material templates allow you to select and build your own pricing models.   We built this material system so you can design your pricing in Excel or on-line.


This quotation software lets you customize the look of your quotation with your own logo, address, motto and detailed terms and conditions. With the right apps, you can include a signature section that will permit you to capture your customer’s signature right on the tablet.

Looking at the screen shot, you can see that each quote can have three package options to build a basic, better and best option for your customer. Each package can include discounts, if needed.

This quotation software was specifically designed to increase the efficiency of your sales staff by producing more quotes than ever. Now your team can work from anywhere with this self-sufficient mobile app.

Dave Ulrich, from Ultimate Benders Parts a machinery refurbishing company, uses the JobFLEX Mobile App for machine inspections because the app permits Dave to take more than 50 detailed photos of a machine that can be selected with preconfigured drop downs containing standard inspection details with custom notes. This inspection effort used to take 6 to 8 hours to produce a detailed document. With JobFLEX, the effort requires less than 4 hours to inspect and build a report with pricing.

With one push of a button, JobFLEX can send photos, quotation PDF, inspection sheet, and material list to a secure cloud directory service. Find out more about our cloud service specialty by clicking here.

The system works on any Android 4.0 operating system or greater.

If you are thinking about using a mobile app for your company, click here to read all about JobFLEX.

All of the products, services and application development comes from the specialists at Business Development Planners. If you are looking for critical mobile business app solutions for your company, then call us today!

JobFLEX Mobile App Quotation Layout

You have the ability to include the following in the quotation:

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Company logo
  • Company motto
  • Cover page with large photo of the home, product or service
  • Customer master name and address
  • Jobsite name and address
  • Banking information, interest rate and monthly payments
  • Pricing in three packages
  • Photos with descriptions
  • Terms and conditions
  • Signature capture


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