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What platform(s) do you want your app be promoted or sold on?
 Google Play
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What devices do you want the app to be on?
 Window’s Mobile
Do you need all apps on each platform to function the same way?
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Do you want to sell products or provide a service function for a fee in the app?
 Sell Products
 Sell Services
 Not Sure
Do you want to use this app for your own internal business?
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Does your app need to work free standing with and without internet connection?
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Will your app require the gathering and retaining of information into a secure cloud system?
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Do you need this cloud base system developed?
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Does your app need to interface with other applications? Please describe all that apply:
Will your app have in app purchases?
 Yes No
Do you have a business plan, marketing plan and budget defined?
 Yes, we have them completed.
 We are working on these plans internally
 We would like to talk about the help you can provide
What industry will this app service?
 Consumer Direct
How soon do you want to start this project and when does it need to be finished?
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