Simple List


Simple List – an Android App

Simple List is a basic Android app we created for one purpose, creating a list. It was originally part of another app we developed, and we liked it so much that we decided to make it a standalone app. You can enter items into a list, either by typing them in (which includes speech to text) or selecting them from a popup menu. Anything you enter can also be saved into the popup for easy access later. We tried to make it as fast and easy to use as possible, just two clicks and an item is added. Click each item in the list to either mark/un-mark or remove it altogether.

Simple List is a free app, but it doesn’t carry along all the other things that typically come with free apps. Advertising for example, and most free apps out there have some type of advertising system. We decided not to put any ads because they are straight up annoying. The other part we decided not to add was data mining. A lot of free apps require access to personal information such as call history and information, contacts, location, camera and file access, and many other things not related at all to the function of the app. What they do with this information is unknown to the user, and chances are its being used by more than just the app owner.

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