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In the business of creating websites everyone desires to have content that causes the customer look at your webpage like they where watching a campfire. A page with Animate or Video should cause the customer to look, enjoy and participate. Animate and Video will drive your customers to look and stare at the content of the website.

Websites with photos show details about the products and services. It helps us visualize the product or service. Business Development Planners has great information about our graphical service on our Artistry page. Every website should have good photos or graphics. If you want to improve your website then adding Video or Animate can really help in keeping the person on page. It can provide excellent details about the application of the product or service.

Animate accents on our webpage can help with customer interaction.  You can have a Animate triggers and buttons that can draw a customer to click on your website in an exciting way.

Business Development Planners has a customer that really wanted to convey 75 years of Ford Tractors.  This company, “Skip’s Repair” loves the history of the Ford Tractor and believes that it is a significance part of America’s farming history.  Skip’s Repair restores these tractors.  Take a look by clicking here. Now sit back and watch 75 years of history presented in Flash.

Below we provide other examples of Video and Flash that can accent your company’s website.

With today’s search engines, Animate content will not destroy your SEO like it did in the past.  That is important!

Business Development Planners can also produce and edit videos for your website. These videos can be used for training or advertising.

Call us today to start your step forward in excellence in media marketing.

Created Video Examples By Business Development Planners

Environmental Associates Flash

Really Cool Flash For A Testing Laboratory

This flash takes the customer through all of the example products that Environment Associates
tests with examples showing there on earth they simulate the environments of earth and space.

Click Here

Drop Shock Test Flash

Flash Button To Run A Drop Test

This flash takes the customer through an actual drop test at Environment Associates.
The flash start immediately when you open the page but you can click on the button
to re-run the flash movie. Cool Test
Click Here

Thermal Shock Testing Flash

Nice Short Flash Movie

This flash show a technician opening up a test chamber at Environment Associates.
The flash start immediately when you open the page and stops after 15 seconds.
It is a great way to show a process without having a person click on a button.
Click Here

Ethical Exteriors Roofing flash

Accents At The Trim

This flash shows how you can accent the work done on a home.
The flash constantly loops and all the buttons are action flash.
The sound get annoying after a while.
Click Here

creative restaurant Flash

Flash Start-Up Page

This flash show up when you first start the page and it stops.
This is great in creating an accent on the page.
Click Here

Livingston Concrete Video

Video for Livingston Concrete

Promo video for a concrete company that included voice over.
Click Here

Tailoring Unlimited Video

Video for Tailoring Unlimited

Promo video for Tailoring Unlimited in Brighton Michigan.
Click Here

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