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Custom websites require more than what a standard blog or eCommerce site can provide. These are sites with custom functionality that most websites do not have, whether its a large back-end database or integration with other applications it requires a better understanding of website programming. Here are some of the things we have done that go beyond the typical website development.

Credit Card Integration

This is not just credit card processing like the kind you would find on a typical eCommerce website. With we can develop a site that can store customer credit card profiles for use later. For example, if you have a service that requires monthly billing, your customer can sign up and purchase the subscription, and then they will be automatically billed each month afterwards or until they cancel the subscription. We have even taken that a step further and setup an automatic billing system with varying costs. This also comes with a system that automatically keeps track of how many items each user listed, adds them up each month, charges their credit cards automatically, and notified the owner of the successful or failed transactions via email. Plus the admin and each user could look up their invoice history at any time. With none of the customers credit card information is actually stored on your site, making security easier to manage.

Managing Business Processes

Managing business processes refers to hosting more of your companies information online and managing it through a website. An example of this would be if you were a company that manages group of contractors, and you need a site that stores your customers information, contractors information and sets up a scheduling system that links contractors to customers. We can also send out email or text messages to the contractors when the schedule changes automatically through the website. Another example is automating some of your processes using database values. One customer we had was involved in managing compliance certifications across various countries. They had built up a database of how much time each certification took in each country, how much it would cost, and whether it was even required. With this they could take a product select what Certifications it needs and what countries and within seconds the total costs and the estimated total time are calculated out and displayed in an easy to read report.


Mobile App Integration

Having everything online is nice, but what makes it even better is being able to access it without constant internet connection. We can design a system that works with both the website and a mobile app so that you can seamlessly manage data from anywhere. The mobile app can connect to the web server and download information it needs, then you can manage that data, or create new data, on the app at any time. Once you are satisfied with the changes the app can connect back to the web server and apply the changes you made. This is especially useful for companies who have employees that are constantly on the go since they may not always have a reliable internet connection.


Business Application Integration

Business Development Planners will integrate your website services with products from Oracle, Microsoft, QuickBooks, Salesforce and more. This development can include the creation of new hooks into your business applications to connect to your website services or products to internal processes. We can also develop or integrate with API’s and SDK’s to connect to products like Quickbook, SalesForce, Oracle or CRMs.

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