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Building Your Website with WordPress or Joomla

Simple Websites!

Informative or Blog websites are easy to manage and setup. We can create a ready-to-use WordPress or Joomla site using a template in just a few minutes. If you plan on managing the content yourself we can teach you how to use WordPress or Joomla to add, edit or remove any content from your site. If you have all the content prepared that’s great, if not we can help you in coming up with what you want or should have on your website.

Not sure what content to put on your website? No problem, we are all about helping businesses start up. Even if you have been in business for a while, entering the online world can be like starting your company over again. Having great content from the start is always important. In addition to content, we can provide artwork or design services for companies that would like a whole new look for their business.

Here is a list of things to think about regarding your website:

  • Domain Name: This is what users will type in to get to your website, ie. or, these are unique and finding one that is not already taken can be a hassle.
  • Size of the site: You should have a good idea of how much content you want on your site. A site with a small handful of pages has completely different navigation than a site with hundreds of pages.
  • Style: If you see a website online that you really like, we can create your site to match or have similar styling. just make a list of sites with things that you like, or if you already have a template in mind that saves even more time.
  • SEO Keywords: If you plan on having a lot of visitors, come up with a couple “key words” that your users may type in a search engine to find your site. Using these keywords throughout the site makes finding your site easier.

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