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Business Development Planners can provide you with everything you need to start your own sport, team, or club store. Our solutions includes your own custom team or sports website, credit card processing and Graphics Layouts. We can even provide methods for members to select or add their name to their apparel. You can assign specific groups of shirts, pants, socks, shoes and any other clothing articles to a specific team as required or optional. Graph out your sales and include any give-back percentages to charity or school programs. This is one of the fastest growing areas in sports programs and significantly reduces the efforts in running a team spiritwear business in your community or school.
Team Builder Page
Admin staff, approved coach or team Leaders can create the list of players or groups of members by direct enter into the system or by uploading a CSV file. (3) Leaders can enter the members first/last name, Jersey Number and Email into the system. (2) This button permits the user to upload a list of members into the system. (1) Coach or Admin can log in and view the status of all the orders of the team. Any team member can be immediately emailed of the status of their order. At the bottom of the page all the members can be sent a group email about the purchase start dates, order requirements, amounts, password codes and close dates.
Figure #3: Team Order Requirements
Immediately generate ordering and manufacturing lists by stock number, sizes, colors and number assignment by quantity. If you permit members to order with their name on the Jersey then the same list can be generated by name. This can turn your sports or apparel store into an immediate high production facility.
Figure #4: Team Member Material Build List
Once you receive your stock from your supplier, print your packing lists to fulfill order requires for each customer. Use this packing list as a receipt. Each reciept comes bar code enabled.

Call today if you need to run or manage team orders for small or large groups up to 50,000. Our website solutions are great for companies that design, manufacture, process orders and dispense orders to a school or other. If you are looking for a way to better manage your team(s) for clothing orders, schedules or sports registrations then give us a call. We can put your process on the web or in a mobile device.

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